Pricing rules

Updated on July 16, 2024

Nembol can help you differentiate product pricing across channels while keeping the rest of product content unchanged.

Trustful to its mission of being “easy”, what Nembol currently offers are very basic and easy to use pricing rules. Nembol is not meant to be a repricing tool (aka a repricer), nor it offers competitive pricing or dynamic pricing.

Nembol helps you use the pricing lever in three ways:

  1. Nembol may be set to import price changes from Shopify (in real-time) and from Etsy (you have to click “Import” and have set Nembol to “Import updates” from Etsy). This enables most drop shippers to seamlessly transfer price changes they receive on Shopify from their vendor towards their multiple commerce channels connected via Nembol.
  2. Nembol includes a Built-in percentage or fixed amount automated price change function, per channel.
  3. Nembol enables you to Bulk adjust your prices per sets of products, after filtering them in Nembol product search.

Rules 1, 2, and 3 above can be used nested one into another:

  • Rule 3: changes the prices of bulks of products inside Nembol.
  • Rule 2: changes the prices per each channel compared to the main product price in Nembol (which may be adjusted in bulk, as said per Rule 3.).
  • Rule 1: will keep main prices in Nembol aligned with prices in Shopify (in real-time) or in Etsy (upon command).

Pricing rules can help you maximize profits, for instance by raising or lowering prices based on each channel selling fees. While instant price adjustments for bulks of products may help you take immediate advantage of end-of-season sales periods, or other promotional or phase-out moments.